Our offer

Thank you for your interest in our offer, which can initiate our mutual co-operation. It aims at rendering assistance in getting back your dues from unreliable clients.

As a part of our co-operation, we offer vindication services and elimination of financial blocks (including compensations and cessions), as well as economic activities that allow for getting back dues from debtors.

We are one of the longest-lasting companies, dealing with vindication and elimination of financial blocks, with 25-year-long tradition. All around Poland, we have the network of co-operators, which allows us to perform ordered vindication tasks properly and efficiently. Our co-operation shall result in, among others, solving your problems with liabilities.

We co-operate with biggest enterprises in Poland, such as big stock associations, international corporations and foreign enterprises, but also small and medium enterprises. They are particularly: chemical works, manufacturers of construction materials, producers of plastics, manufacturers of machines and tools, wood processing and millboard production plants, producers of furniture, package production plants, chemical components production enterprises and many other economic units of various branches, independent of a type of production or services. We have signed more than 1500 permanent co-operation contracts.


I want to thank all clients for their trust and invite you to co-operate with us.

Sincerely Yours

Grzegorz Pawełczak

You have one or more unreliable payers ?

Your have one or a few debtors?


In case of one debtor, the case shall be investigated in two variants.

1. Alienation of liabilities – positive and negative aspects:

  • we receive financial means quickly (but only in case of irreclaimable cession),
  • improvement in financial situation of a debtor,
  • smaller sum of a liability recovered than in case of vindication proceedings.

2. Vindication of dues – positive and negative aspects:

  • full control over vindication proceedings,
  • possibility to recover greater sum of liability,
  • all the time, liabilities are filed in bookkeeping evidence.


In case of a few or several debtors, variants described in point A shall be considered, with special attention paid to the following question: it shall be thoroughly considered, that conclusion of a contract for vindication by independent company and transfer of the package of cases may be more advantageous. It would allow for:

  • avoiding any costs connected with vindication of liabilities,
  • having full control on vindication proceedings,
  • obtaining some additional information on financial condition of clients,
  • negotiating lower commission for vindicating company due to the transfer of the package of cases,
  • the package can include more difficult cases in which vindication proceedings are more costly and time-consuming.

You want to check reliability of your client ?

If the market determines supply and demand, enterprises and anyone who runs economic activity connected with production, trade or service, must pay attention to business information. Business information, known also as business intelligence, allows for:

  • determination of economic status of a given enterprise,
  • information on financial availability of a client,
  • comparing the company in question with other clients on the market,
  • obtaining information if the application for instituting insolvency proceedings was submitted in relation to the given client,
  • avoiding situations in which some problems with recovering dues from a client might appear.

Regarding large data base and co-operation of Consulting Company MTM with other companies and network of correspondents, it deals with activities connected with business information, getting information from e.g.:

  • its own data base,
  • bases of companies that co-operate with Consulting Company MTM,
  • court notices, press monitoring, and other economic news,
  • information provided by our correspondents,
  • opinions provided by competitive companies.

We pay particular attention to objective information, especially if it is up-to-date information on the date of the report.

You are interested in complex service of your dues ?

Before you take up co-operation with vindicating company and pass all cases to some external company, you shall turn your attention to the following aspects:

  • how long does the company exists on the market,
  • what is the legal form of the company,
  • what companies does it co-operate with,
  • what kind of marketing does it use,
  • will the co-operation include all cases or the company selects only some cases,
  • what is the form of contact, e.g. e-mail, fax, telephone exchange, reports.

Since 1992, Consulting Company MTM renders services to economic units in the field of vindication of liabilities, elimination of financial blocks, cession of liabilities, compensations and economic activities that allow for recovering dues from debtors.

We are professionally prepared for rendering complex services to enterprises, as well as for performance of individual tasks.

We accept for realisation cases at various degree of difficulty, including cases that have already been sentenced or discontinuance of executory proceedings was stated. We deal with activities in the field of interest dues, in vindication system, purchase, cession, and compensation.