How do we work?

1. We aim mainly at solving your problems with liabilities.

2. As a part of our co-operation, the assigned employer, taking care of your company, stays in contact with you, informing you on current status of your case and you take decision on selection of the most convenient variant of proceedings. The employee taking care of your company is responsible for supervision and realisation of the order. Our assumption is to make him act as extension of a limb of your vindication department, financial department, or any other vindicating section of your company.

3. We accept for realisation cases at various degree of difficulty, including cases that have already been sentenced or discontinuance of executory proceedings was stated.

4. We deal with activities in the field of interest dues, in vindication system, purchase, cession, and compensation.

5. We do not require any pre-payments or permanent charges for conclusion of a contract.

6. We bear all costs connected with proceedings.

7. You pay only if we are effective, i.e. after you get back your liabilities.

8. On the basis of our long-lasting experience, we use the lowest possible vindication rates, which can be further negotiated.